Create your master schedule, generate the rest!

ClassMap saves you time by removing the tedious process of building your special education classroom schedule, so you can focus on helping your students.   

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Master Schedule Creator

Special education classrooms are constantly changing, requiring updates to your schedule, which is time consuming. 

ClassMap provides tools to make this faster and easier. 


Icons or List View

Each student has specific needs. You can select which schedule to generate for them achive greater independence.


Station Mats

Every station needs to be labeled to help students navigate their classrom and to follow their schedule. Matching icons get generated as well.


Conflict Resolution

Accidentally overbooked a station? Or forgot to assign one to a student? See conflicts immediately instead of finding out while printing your schedules or worse, after laminating them.


Works on any device

On desktop, tablet, or phone, you can manage your schedule from wherever you are. 

Routine Maker

Some students need additional help learning specific routines or Tasks. 
ClassMap provides a way for you to help them by creating routine visual schedules to teach them individual steps.


Identify the Routine

Determine what steps you'll need to create.


Create the steps

Use the same easy to use editor as the Master Schedule Creator to set up your steps and add icons.


Generate and Print

Have ClassMap create the printed routine for you.


Penny Boards &
First-Then Boards

These boards have been used effectively by special education and autism teachersto reinforce positive behavior.


We provide you with a few basic boards to get your started.

Coming Soon

The option to create personalized boards.


$ 12 per month

  • Unlimited Schedules

  • Unlimited Routines

  • Unlimited Boards


$ 10 per month

  • Unlimited Schedules

  • Unlimited Routines

  • Unlimited Boards

  • Billed every 3 months

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